Saturday, May 8, 2010

What's Wrong With Arizona?

As for a Mexican's the problem, we have an economy based on illegal immigration, they harvest our food, wash our dishes, serve our meals, wash our cars, take care of our homes, care for our kids and make brilliant food! This also used to be their country, lest we forget. We may have fought them and defeated them and taken the land for ourselves, but they were here first. We fought the Native Americans too. But we don't call them "illegals" when they come off the reservation to shop at Wal-Mart. There is actually little crime coming from illegals because, well, they are illegal...if they commit a crime they are deported. They WANT a life here. So most of them are the best, nicest and friendliest, most hardworking people you would ever want to know. Without them, Arizona is lost. As it is we enacted laws several years back which put a big bunch of illegals out of work. Now we are in a 12 billion dollar deficit. As things get worse, McCain (that ignorant slut) keeps getting more and more racist, acting as if Mexican Nationals are a problem. It is causing nothing but heartache and protests. He claims it is some sort of Border Security problem. The problem has always been the same, twenty thousand square miles of border in the most inhospitable desert imaginable,which cannot be secured. Not ever. Not even with walls. People will tunnel beneath them, climb over them, hell they can hang-glide over them if they have a mind to! If someone is waiting on the other side with transport, you have illegal aliens. Whoopdedoo. They take a huge risk to be here. And we catch a few of them and send them back. That is the way of things. If Osama Bin Laden or some other terrorist wants in this country, they will find a way, as we saw with the first 9-11 crew, half of them were supposed to be on the no-fly-watch list of the CIA. They trained their pilots IN ARIZONA! They were here and not one of them came through Mexico.

Meanwhile we have a MAJOR problem with Mexican Drug Runners and Cartel members who do not have any plans to stay here, they just cross the border to drop off drugs, collect money and kill or kidnap their enemies. They come and go at will. They have money to bribe officials, and they have tons of AK47's and other guns to fight a direct war with border patrol or police. Because of our deficit we cannot fight them. They are going onto ranches late at night doing drug deals (see "No Country For Old Men" the recent movie with Tommy Lee Jones). and sometimes killing people who discover their activities. Although it is my opinion that often the ranchers are being paid to turn a blind eye to the deals and may actually be helping in the deals and getting on these criminals' bad side. Now McCain and Brewer (the governor) want Obama to send in federal troops and money. But guess what McCain DESPISES Obama and the Democrats and he can't ask straight out for help without disrespecting Obama and making him look bad. So the feds are not responding. The situation is similar to when Pancho Villa used to raid the border towns. There's kidnappings, shootings, and killings going on. So instead of making nice with Obama, they've decided to use the law to instigate a REAL threat by disenfranchising the entire Latino community here. They are documenting everyone Mexican. They ARE racial profiling (after all, no one is pulling over blonde haired blue-eyed Canadians to see if they are illegal. So all this bullshit the Republicans are spewing about it NOT being racial profiling is just that, BS.) ((Just saw the cops pullover a truckload of Mexican gardeners the other day!)) They are now causing a real crisis with this adding to it by saying that we can all carry concealed weapons! Sure as hell, a cop was just killed while pulling over a guy who had a hidden gun! The idiocy here is becoming extreme! Eventually they will say a Mexican with a concealed weapon killed someone and there will be blood in the streets. Then the Feds will come in with money and manpower...which is exactly what McCain and his evil cronies want! McCain has become an evil despicable hypocrite who keeps flip-flopping on every issue! Now he is becoming a dictator in a Police State. Allowing men like Sheriff Joe Arpailo to let prisoners suffer in the "Tent City" jail they have out in the desert! All int he name of Republican Extremism.

On top of that they enacted a law which states Obama, the elected president of the United States, has to come to Arizona and present his birth certificate to the courts here before they allow him on the next ballot! As far as I am concerned, as stupid as this may sound now, it is a prelude to ousting Blacks from the state as well. It is just another tactic the Nazis used in the 1930's. establishing vaguely written laws that made the Jews and others present documents, then began taking away their rights and property for being "law breakers." Bad things are afoot in Arizona today. This is Nazism rearing its ugly head again. In a state that used to be almost Libertarian in its anti-govt. anti-law stances, we now see a backlash among the whites who are becoming a minority, enacting one harsh, dictatorial law after another. And other states want to follow suit! This happened during the Great Depression in Germany. And it CAN happen here.